Robotics Team Competes at Adelphi

Robotics Team Takes on “Tower Takeover”  thumbnail161693

The high school’s robotics class participated in an outside event for the first time on Jan. 18, competing at Adelphi University’s seventh annual “Tower Takeover” VEX Robotics Competition qualifier. School robotics teams design, build and program robots for the VRC tournaments, then enter qualifying matches where two pairs of allied teams face off. In “Tower Takeover,” the object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by stacking cubes in goals and placing cubes in towers.

East Islip’s students were at the top of their game at Adelphi, far exceeding expectations for a rookie robotics team, finishing 5-2-1 in the qualifying matches and ranking eighth out of 44 teams at the end of preliminary competition. They lost in the quarterfinal round of the playoffs but earned one of their highest scores of the day.

Composed of some of the best and brightest young robotics engineers East Islip has to offer, the team was led by senior Sophia Bates, the captain and lead designer. Junior Kyle Kirschberg drove the robot for the duration, supported by other team members including Mike Baldino, Zoe Elder, Cody Knott, Jake Riordan, Jordan Quillan, Damon Swinson, Jake Thomsett and Pranaav Venkatasubramaniam.

“I am very passionate about robotics and I am glad we got the chance to experience this competition outside of school,” said Bates. “It’s very validating to design and create a robot inside a classroom and see it compete at a very high level against other schools and similar robotics programs.”

“I loved driving the robot during the competition, having my team support me throughout the day by maintaining the robotic components and scouting other teams so that I went into each match prepared,” said Kirschberg.

“I couldn’t have been prouder of this team,” said robotics teacher James Connell. “Everyone had a specific job on the day of the event and each job was instrumental to the team’s success. In the end, it was a great experience for this young group and we are looking forward to even more success in future competitions.”