HS Artists Make Memorable Mural for Connetquot

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HS Artists Make Memorable Mural for Connetquot 2 thumbnail162087

Members of the high school’s National Art Honor Society recently donated their time and skills to paint a magnificent Hungry Caterpillar mural on Connetquot’s cafeteria wall. The effort was organized by Connetquot PTA member Jessica Frazer, who developed the mural idea, facilitated the details and obtained paint donations from other parents.

“I am so proud of the students that came to paint,” said NAHS co-adviser Heather Toomey. “The transformation that took place was remarkable and the end result will be enjoyed for years to come.  It exciting to watch the progress, seeing it evolve from a sketch to a fully painted mural. My thanks to Mrs. Frazer for allowing us to bring her concept to life.”

“I am more of a photographer, so it was a new and fun experience for me,” said Jolie Iamunno. “I was happy to be a part of it.”

“This was a great experience for our students to share their talents with the younger students at Connetquot,” said NAHS co-adviser Daniel Figliozzi. “I am impressed with how our group of students was able to complete the mural over their break. We worked really well together and enjoyed our time there, and we are excited to see what other mural opportunities we may have within the district.”

“It was very fun and challenging, and the end result was pretty neat,” said high schooler Leah Neville. “I hope the kids like it.”

“We all absolutely love the new cafeteria wall,” said Connetquot Principal Nicholas Bilotti. “It is exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be.  Thanks to the National Art Honor Society students and advisers who helped bring our wall back to life."

“The kids who created this mural are amazingly talented and dedicated,” said Frazer. “The Connetquot teachers, staff and students are in love with this beautiful work of art and it makes the cafeteria such a happy environment to for all to enjoy.”