Volunteer As a First Responder!

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To our East Islip Community:

The heart and soul of a community is grounded in its volunteerism. There are many ways to give back to your community and many organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Historical Society, KIC, Rotary, Lions Club, Kiwanis, youth athletics, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I apologize if I left anyone off this list, please let me know if I did and I will give you a shout-out.

One kind of organization is desperately in need of volunteers due to our aging population – our volunteer first responders in the fire departments and volunteer ambulance. As our population ages, they are being called on more and more, with fewer volunteers available. When you volunteer as a first responder, it is not only heroic, but it can also lead to a career for young people. We encourage families to have a conversation with your children to see if there is any interest; stop by the fire department and inquire about volunteering. Volunteer first responders can be eligible for college credit, free or reduced college tuition, property tax reductions, state income tax benefits, free health checkups, free insurance as well as a pension. More importantly, if a young person is interested in making a career as a first responder, when you join a local fire department or first responder agency you will be surrounded by mentors and friends of all ages who can be excellent role models for your children.

Attached is an application from the Islip Terrace Fire Department, which is in dire need of volunteers.

The school district’s main mission is to help support and guide our children to make good healthy choices about their future. We will be working with our first responders to raise awareness and hopefully recruit the next great generation of first responders. Please remember when you see a first responder or volunteer, smile, wave and say simply thank you.

Superintendent John V. Dolan

P.S. East Islip, I love you and we need your help!