Chamber Honors JFK’s Ancona and McKenna as Students of Month

Chamber of Commerce Honors JFK’s Ancona and McKenna as Students of Month thumbnail162267
Chamber of Commerce Honors JFK’s Ancona and McKenna as Students of Month2 thumbnail162268
Chamber of Commerce Honors JFK’s Ancona and McKenna as Students of Month3 thumbnail162269

The East Islip Chamber of Commerce recognized JFK fifth graders Alivia Ancona and Aidan McKenna as January Students of the Month during the organization’s Jan. 28 meeting.

“Alivia was chosen for her kindness, sweet nature and sense of responsibility,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “She demonstrates wonderful character and is the type of student that is always prepared and excited to learn.”

“Alivia is a wonderful, well-rounded student,” said teacher Timmi Hoelzer. “She maintains an excellent average in all subject areas. Her willingness to help others shows what a great leader she is. Alivia always makes good choices and decisions. She is extremely aware of how those around her feel.”

“In physical education class, Alivia always cooperates and collaborates,” said teacher Jennie Nagengast. “She is truly a team player, kind and accepting of others. Her easygoing nature makes her an absolute pleasure to have in class.”

“Alivia serves as a positive role model by exhibiting fabulous character and leadership,” said teacher Lisa Haller. “She actively participates in class and strives for excellence.”

“Aidan was selected to due to his excellent character,” said Smith. “He consistently demonstrates empathy for everyone. He is sensitive and compassionate and recognizes the importance of treating people with kindness and respect; the character traits that are most important in being a person who makes a difference in the lives of others.”

“Aidan greets me with a huge warm smile every day when he sees me for ELA,” said teacher Danielle Chiappetta. “He is a diligent worker who actively participates in classroom discussions. Aidan is always willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow peers.”

“I have the pleasure of teaching Aidan science and social studies, five days a week for 55 minutes per day,” said teacher Mike Marra. “During that time, he exhibits positive character traits. He is a very respectful young man who always greets me with a smile and is sure to say goodbye on his way out of class. He is a willing participant in the classroom, showing confidence in his answers and accepts constructive instruction. When the class has the opportunity to work cooperatively, Aiden has the ability to work with all his peers, showing acceptance of all. I enjoy having Aiden in my classroom.”

“Aidan is a kind boy and a friend to all,” said teacher Meredith Salijoski. “He is always willing to help out his peers or his teachers. He has a heart of gold and his smile is infectious. Aidan is a pleasure to teach.”