Dedication on Display with “Frozen”

Dedication on Display as Middle Schoolers Present “Frozen” thumbnail164789

More than 90 dedicated middle school students joined forces to present a remarkable production of “Frozen” on Feb. 7 and 8. Based on the modern classic animated Disney film from 2013, the musical was directed by Alyssa Tripi, with Nicole Panetta serving as assistant director and Diane Doyle providing set design.

The outstanding cast included Madison McNamee as Young Anna, Jordan Maloney as Young Elsa, Ethan Greene as King Agnarr, Emily Farrell as Queen Iduna, Gregory Federico as Pabbie, Brooke Lubin as Bulda, Ava Panepinto as Middle Elsa, Aidan Godbout as Bishop, Lexi Hernandez as Butler, Juliana Banville as Handmaiden, Stephanie Sabillon as Cook, Julianna D’Addario as Anna, Sophia LoMonaco as Elsa, Patrick Vasquez as Kristoff, Christian Kozak as Sven, Brendan Kroupa as Hans, Sophia Aurrecoechea as Steward, Anderson Ross as Duke of Weselton, Hanna Ross as Olaf and Peyton Klipp as Oaken.

“It was incredible to watch the kids grow as performers and as people from auditions in September until our performances in February,” Tripi said. “We are all very proud and impressed by the dedication and talent of these young ladies and gentlemen. Every student involved contributed to its success.”