MS Leaders Club Sends Love to LI Vets

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The middle school’s Leaders Club sent their love and support to the residents of the Long Island State Veterans Home this Valentine’s Day. As in previous years, club members honored the vets for by sending cards adorned with American flags, hearts and quotes such as “God Bless America” and “Thank you for your service”. 

“With my own dad being a resident at Long Island State, I know how important it is for these men and women to be remembered for their heroism that provides us the freedom we can sometimes take for granted,” said club adviser Laura O’Donnell. “Visiting the veterans, some of whom may not normally have visitors or receive cards is very meaningful. It’s important that we provide the younger generations with opportunities to connect with our seniors. It allows both generations to experience cultures they are often so far removed from, and it’s a very special experience for everyone involved.”