HS Launches Innovative Video News Show

HS Launches Innovative Video News Show thumbnail165714

The high school’s video production and broadcast television classes launched the “EIHS News” show on March 6, replacing the school’s traditional Friday morning announcements. The show is filmed and edited within the high school television studio by students in those classes. Thanks to a donation from the For The Kids Foundation, East Islip’s newly equipped television studio provides a modern studio environment with the latest in video filming and editing equipment.

On Fridays, teachers will click on the East Islip High School News link located on the school’s webpage, which jumps users to the “EIHS News” YouTube channel. The morning announcement videos consist of a news segment followed by a breakout segment such as a weather report, digital news package, interview or public service announcement. Each video will be posted weekly and archived so that East Islip community members can watch the older archived videos at their leisure. Students and community members can also subscribe to the channel so that they receive notifications when a new video has been posted.

“At its most basic, morning announcements are a way of dispensing updates on ongoing activities, details of the upcoming ones, new regulations and other critical information to the staff and students,” said teacher William Lackner. “By utilizing a more cutting-edge way of delivering the messages to the high school community we are able to modernize and usher this age-old routine into the 21st century. Although information can be easily found in the news, morning announcements are special and important to schools. This is their way of creating solidarity among their students and building a community within themselves. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. With the investment in time and training, we will turn the morning announcements into a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare themselves for life beyond school. After all, they get to learn everything from journalistic principles to video production in the process.”