Cleary Students Create Sign Using ASL


Cleary School students in Heather Toomey’s Studio Art class at East Islip High School recently created a sign to hang above the Cleary School for the Deaf classrooms, consisting of the word “Cleary” spelled out in American Sign Language.

“I always try to connect various disciplines into the art curriculum,” explain Toomey. “In Studio Art, I have students choose a word and then look at the American Sign Language alphabet and draw the hands that spell out a word. After outlining the contour line drawing of the hands, they use oil pastels with analogous colors.” After a group of Cleary students completed that annual project, she became inspired and decided to take it one step further. “I thought about creating more artwork as school beautification,” said Toomey. “The Cleary students all worked together on their mural and used the Cleary colors for their background.”

“I liked developing my drawing skills and am proud to be a Cleary student,” said Jonatan Caravantes. Added classmate Leana Booker, “We have great skills and are proud to see the sign hanging in the hallway.”