Rocking Interviews at the High School


Sophomores in Greg Kguloian’s English classes at the high school recently stepped up to a “Rock Your Interview” challenge, inspired by WBAB radio personality JP, who once asked the question, “Why don’t they teach kids in school how to act and dress on a job interview?”

Broken into informal groups of varying sizes for this informative real-world lesson, the students addressed their classmates with unique presentations displaying their research on proper job interview preparation, etiquette, grooming and clothing.

“The students are the most important people in the room in our class,” said Kguloian. “They are supposed to be college- and career-ready by the time they graduate. I’ve included mock interviews and formal public presentation lessons over the last 25 years, but the last two years have built on themselves and the kids are now the driving force. They are the future and we here at East Islip are working hard to help them prepare to achieve success.”