January Art Exhibit for Timber Point


Curated by teacher Christina Spera-Bartlett, student art from Timber Point will be featured in the district office second-floor hallway throughout the month of January.

The gallery exhibit, open to the community, features art projects from students in grades K-2, incorporating principles of design, the use of various materials, interdisciplinary lessons and New York State Common Core Learning Standards integration, including English language arts and math skills.

Kindergarten project “Pattern Mittens” displays use of artistic elements and principles of pattern, line and color, with fine motor skills used to “sew" yarn around mittens, while the “Rug Weaving" project taught students about Navajo Indians and the process used in making a weaved rug using natural colors and materials.

“Color Wheel Pizza,” a first-grade project, enabled students to create primary, secondary and tertiary colors through the use of just three colors (red, yellow and blue). They first used math skills to draw 12 equal slices. After color mixing, toppings were added in similar colors on all “pizza slices.” “Symmetry Spider Web” project taught students about symmetry in making the web and 3D sculpture by assembling a 3D spider using various materials.

The second-grade projects include “Edvard Munch's The Scream,” an artist study of the expressionist painter. Students created self-portraits of themselves screaming while using watercolor paint and straws to create “scared,” expressive hair. In “Optical Art,” the second-graders created optical illusions after learning about op-artist Bridget Riley. Students drew a bubble letter or shape, measured boxes across the paper and then colored in every other box to create the illusion. Finally, the “Ancient Egypt” project taught second-graders how to draw the sarcophagus of King Tut, using symmetry, patterns,and hieroglyphics, as well as a 3D-rendered mummy placed inside of the sarcophagus.