Seal Support Earns Connetquot Vote


In an earnest environmental effort, students at Connequot Elementary voted to support a seal as part of a recent fundraising initiative.

The entire student body had been involved in collecting water bottles and recycling them, and decided to donate the recycling funds that were raised to help a rescued sea animal at the Riverhead Foundation. In a school election coordinated by kindergarten teachers Karin Hipp and Dave Kennedy, the students cast ballots to decide to assist either a sea turtle or a seal.

The election resulted in Connetquot supporting “Scraggy the Seal,” and a bulletin board announcing the results was created by paraprofessional Patty Stengel and put on display at the school. 

“Our students learned important lessons about recycling, helping endangered animals and being responsible citizens through the power of voting,” said Principal Deborah Smith.