Making Sets for 'Cinderella'


Beginning last November, students enrolled in East Islip High School’s musical theater technology class began production on the sets for this year’s East Islip Middle School musical, “Cinderella.”

In this full-year art elective course, taught for the past two years by Toniann Mannino, students create the set design and production for the high school Drama Club production as well as the middle school and high school musicals.

Staying after school when possible, the students built an impressive set for the middle school’s actors, comprised of a 12-foot castle with rotating eight-foot sides. The castle transforms into Cinderella’s house interior, a town square and a clock tower. They also constructed a platform for the musical’s royal thrones, and assisted on rehearsal and show nights to move the set as needed for scene changes to ensure the success of the musical.

“We begin each musical by drawing out our ideas two-dimensionally,” said Mannino. “Once our designs are approved by the musical’s director, we begin production. The students cut every piece of wood, hammer every nail and paint every detail until set completion. My students are very talented and dedicated to creating an amazing set and I am extremely proud of them.”

“Cinderella” will be playing on Friday, Feb. 5 and Saturday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Middle School auditorium.