RCK Fourth-Graders Display Details at Science Fair


A copper-cleaning experiment by Marissa Damian was the winner at the recent annual fourth-grade science fair at RCK. Damian’s prize-winning project attempted to discover the best agents to clean copper using a penny, and the reasons why each agent had certain effects on the penny.
Damian will represent RCK at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair on May 7.

Second runner-up Travis Stockton investigated if a person’s sense of smell affects the sense of taste, while first runner-up Sienna Katteridge tried to determine if it was possible to create a square-shaped bubble using straws. 

“All of the fourth-grade students worked really hard on their projects and it showed,” said Principal Hillary K. Bromberg. “I was so impressed with the details and creativity that went in to presenting these projects.”