MS Girls Volleyball Team Lacking in Losses


The middle school girls volleyball team finished their 2015-2016 season undefeated. This is the second consecutive year that the team has finished without a loss, winning matches against neighboring teams such as Connetquot, Sayville and Bayport-Blue Point.

“The girls that played last year came back strong and set the tone for the first-time players this year,” said coach Laura O’Donnell. “Each of the girls brought their talent and determination to every competition. They worked hard from the first practice to the final match, earning every win. I think the secret of their success was a well-balanced season of hard work and fun”

Nikki LaFrancesca, a second-year player, said, “Being undefeated once was great, but being undefeated two times in a row is unbelievable.”

First-year player Samantha Winegard added, “As a team we practiced together, we improved together, we chanted together, we won together, we were undefeated together. We are East Islip volleyball!”