Viola Victory for Middle Schooler Mosca


Taking this year’s PTA Reflections arts contest theme of “Let Your Imagination Fly” to heart, sixth-grader Chiara Mosca wrote her own song, “Chiara’s Dream.” The viola composition was chosen by the Suffolk County PTA to receive an Award of Merit and will advance to the state-level Reflections competition.

According to her music teacher at the middle school, Jackie Collins, Mosca began exploring different combinations of notes on her viola before writing anything down. She incorporated various styles of bowing and added dynamics until she came up with a musical theme that she was pleased with. She played this melody multiple times until she was absolutely sure she liked it, then sat down and began writing out the piece on composition paper. Mosca brought the composition to Collins to check for accuracy of notation, and with guidance, the talented young musician added a time signature, bar lines and notated dynamics, and finally a worthy title. 

“It was a wonderful feeling to be able to compose my own song and be recognized for it," says Mosca.