Pirates of PARP Take Over Timber Point


Timber Point recently celebrated the annual Pick a Reading Partner program with a theme of pirates and mermaid princesses, roping in Principal Danielle Naccarato and creating decorated ships and hats. The program was organized by PTA members Alyson Ferreby and Marianne Gilmore.

Timber Point students showed how much they “treasured” reading by reading treasured books at home with their reading partner, then sharing the messages of the books by making message-in-a-bottle displays. Each class at Timber Point had created a flag for their grade level’s ship on display in the cafeteria, which were surrounded by the bottle displays. Meanwhile, the school was decorated with pictures showing Naccarato and the teachers’ most beloved childhood tales, to encourage the students to try new books.

At the start of PARP, Naccarato had promised the students that she would dress as a pirate if they read for 40,000 minutes or more. They reached the goal and she kept her promise, dressing up in buccaneer gear for a vocabulary hat parade planned by the Timber Point reading teachers, in which the students wore hats decorated with vocabulary word and their definitions. 

Finally, the Story Pirates paid a visit, using comedy sketches to promote reading, writing and self-expression. The troupe read every one of the stories that Timber Point second-graders had sent to them earlier this year, then returned the stories to the students at the show with messages attached for each child. They even performed several of the children’s stories for the school.