Wildlife Win for RCK’s Fundraising Fifth-Grader


After watching a television program on endangered animals and feeling her heartstrings tug, Kelly Waldron, a fifth-grader at East Islip’s Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School was inspired to act, raising $101.11 for the World Wildlife Fund.

As soon as the program was over, Waldron immediately began conducting Internet research on endangered animals and the foundations that raise money to help their cause. She scheduled an appointment with RCK Principal Hillary K. Bromberg to ask about ideas for how she could help, which Bromberg helped her fine-tune.

On Feb. 26, Waldron set up a booth at the school PTA’s Winter Zingo event, selling handmade handmade Rainbow Loom bracelets, assisted by friend Emily Lyons, as well as Zingo flags for participants to hold. Waldron also created a poster board of information about the World Wildlife Fund, to which she donated the proceeds of $101.11.

“Kelly is a very special fifth-grader and we are all so proud of her ambition,” said Dr. Bromberg.