Creating Playable Percussion at Timber Point


Joining the worlds of art and music, second-graders in Christina Spera-Bartlett’s art classes and Kathleen Carter’s music classes at Timber Point collaborated to create traditional percussion instruments of the Americas for display at the school’s Curriculum Cruise event held on March 29.

The students “upcycled” items such as paper towel rolls, coffee cans, paper plates and water bottles to construct playable instruments from South America and North America such as guiros, maracas, drums and rain sticks. The second-graders then used their artistic skills to decorate the instruments with traditional colors and designs from each country. They explored how sound is produced by each instrument, and learned songs and listened to authentic music from each country.

“The students worked cooperatively and their designs were extremely colorful and well thought out,” said Spera-Bartlett. “We are very proud of their hard work in making the project a great success,” added Carter.