Esteemed Elders Event Showcases Culinary Skills


High school students in the high school’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Career Academy hosted their second annual Esteemed Elders event at the Early Childhood Center on April 13 for the benefit of the senior citizens of the community.

More than 125 senior citizens – including Board of Education President Philip Montuori Sr. – attended the event, dining on a home-cooked feast prepared by the students of the Culinary Academy, who served appetizers and a buffet style dinner under the supervision of teacher Patricia Emmons-Fritz.

This year’s Esteemed Elders event included a new cook-off competition between 10 different groups, each comprised of one Culinary Academy student, one high school student, and one adult parent, teacher or community member. The students were provided a recipe and a group of food items to use.  Each group was also given two mystery items that they would need to incorporate in their meal. The elders in attendance were able to watch the teams prepare and complete their meals, and then were given a chance to walk around and decide which teams did the best job. Four judges were on hand to select the three winning teams at the completion of the event.

“As shown in the students’ performance for the Esteemed Elders dinner, the Culinary Career Academy provides them with the necessary skills required to successfully take the ProStart certification exam and work in a food establishment,” said Israel Malinowitzer, Career Academy director.