Loving Libraries at the Middle School


As part of an April celebration of National School Library Month, the middle school’s library held its annual contest to give students a chance to express their feelings about the importance of their library in their education, through the creation of essays, posters and videos.

In his illustrated poster, Jonathan Yankus said, “I love my school library because I feel safe, chill out, relax, unwind and enjoy a book with a friend.”

In his poster and essay, Nathan Willdigg said, “A school library is an amazing thing. It’s where I can explore new topics and the unknown.”

“My school library offers me a quiet place to study or do homework, and you can do anything on the computers, including playing games,” said Emily Blair in her poster.

Kevin Smith’s essay described why the school library is so crucial. “You can look at every book you can imagine,” he explained. “The librarians will help you with what your need to find.”

Kayla Sciallo’s poster illustrated her love for the school library, citing, “You can do research, homework, do projects and read.”

In the contest’s very first video entry, Meagan Diaz and Emily LaMorte filmed themselves discussing all of the options available to them in the school library, including fiction and nonfiction books, the online catalog, borrowing and renewing books, contests, events and the helpful staff.

“When I step into my school library, I take a breath of fresh air, open my book and instantly feel like time is put on hold,” said student Marie Tohill. “School can be extremely stressful and worrisome for many, but when I am in my school library, these feelings disappear. Whether I am reading a book, having a quiet conversation with my friend, or peacefully completing a homework assignment, my school library is something I am thankful for each and every day.”