Talented 12x12 Ten Displayed at Post


Ten talented high school student-artists were recently chosen for LIU Post’s 13th annual 12x12 High School Art Exhibition. Their work was on display from May 9-19 at the Art League Students Gallery at LIU Post’s B. Davis Schartz Memorial Library in Brookville.

In digital photography, the chosen work included seniors Lauren Jackson (for “Self-Portrait”), Brittany Martin (“Bella”) and Teresa Teuschler (“Amethyst”); junior Cailin Conlon (“The Elements”); and sophomore Keala Sanders (“Adventureland”).

Junior Meghan O’Reilly was chosen for “Pensive,” a work of acrylic on paper, while senior Bryant Weingarten was selected “Deformity,” a work created with ballpoint pen, marker and colored pencil on paper.

In the computer graphics field, the chosen were senior Heather Hoffmann (for “New View”), junior Roisin Ashe (“Butterfly Garden”) and sophomore Angelo Joudah (“Urban Party”).

“It was an honor to be exhibited in a college gallery and I am happy my artwork was chosen to be displayed,” said Teuschler, who attended a closing reception with the other artists on May 18.

“It takes a lot of confidence in oneself to put your art on display for others to see, and it gives me a lot of pride seeing my student-artists take that risk,” said electronic illustration teacher Erin Jacob.

“This was an amazing opportunity for students be able to exhibit in a professional gallery,” said photography teacher Heather Toomey. “I am proud of my student exhibitors and the hard work that they put into creating their artwork all year long.”