School Board Association Meeting

The Town of Islip's School Board Association held their latest meeting at East Islip High School. This recent visit also served as an opportunity for School Board Association members to learn about the high school's Career Academies.

"They were given a full presentation of what the Career Academies are all about – they heard from both the instructors and the students, past and present," said Director of Careers and Student Services Israel Malinowitzer.

The Association members were also given a tour of the International Business Globalization Academy office, where students explained what they do to promote business. "We entertained the group and explained how the Academies benefit the students and prepare them for college and career readiness," Malinowitzer said.

Sisters Yu and Qian Zheng, both seniors enrolled in the International Business Globalization Academy, were impressed with the School Board Association's meeting. "It was very interesting how everyone cooperated and took everything that was discussed seriously," said Yu. "If they had something to say, they were serious and truly passionate about it," added Qian.