A Fresh Film Fest at the HS


Providing the opportunity to showcase student film projects created throughout the school year, the fourth annual East Islip High School Film Festival was held May 25, hosted by teacher James Connell’s video production and broadcast television classes in the school’s television studio.

The Film Festival programming for 2016 included a wide variety of videos ranging from educational digital video packages, short independent films, comedies and horror films, as well as live musical performances by students such as Kate Maretsky and Karli Pipitone, who sang and played guitar on songs from popular film soundtracks. Interactive games were played in which members of the audience were selected to get up and play a game show in the television studio’s green screen, and a live Twitter feed gave students in the crowd a chance to provide instant feedback on the event as it was happening. Many of the students dressed in costume.

“This year’s Film Festival was a great success and was extremely popular with the students of East Islip,” said Connell. “We always try to keep everything fresh and exciting for the crowd.”