Butterfly Lessons at RCK Integrate Art and Science


Near the end of each school year at Ruth C. Kinney Elementary, the anticipation in the air builds as third-graders anxiously await the caterpillars that will be delivered to their rooms for them to study as part of the school’s annual butterfly lesson integrating art and science. This year was no different, as the students observed as the caterpillars lived and ate in their small cups until they grew big enough to form chrysalises and emerge as beautiful butterflies.

As a part of this science and art integration project supporting STEAM education, Dana Belfiore-O’Connell led the students in studying the various species and their anatomical parts. Using observation skills, students created butterfly artworks, each with a head, thorax and abdomen, as well as traditional markings and unique wing shapes found in the various species. Art ideas such as symmetry and color scheme were explored as the students utilized transferring and coloring skills to blend their butterflies’ colors.