Top Chef Day’s Tasty Treats Teach Middle-School Students

On Top Chef Day, the sight and scent of delicious foods – and the cooking methods and traditions behind their recipes – proved intriguing to the students in home and career skills teacher Rena Costello’s classroom at East Islip Middle School.

At this December 1 event, faculty and parents alike were invited to cook a special dish for one of the classes. The students asked the “chefs" 13 questions during the latter's cooking demonstrations, including such queries as the reasons behind their recipe choices for the day, what cooking shows they watch, what they pack for typical work lunches, what foods they won’t eat, where they like to shop for groceries, the names of their favorite restaurants and what their favorite foods were when they were in middle school.

All of the day’s recipes are set to be published in a “Cooking in Room 104” cookbook that the students will be able to take home in time for Mother's Day.

“The experience is enjoyable as well as educational for the students,” said Costello. “I am very grateful to all the chefs who selflessly gave up their time.”