Presenting “The Lunch Break”

Students in East Islip High School’s video and broadcasting classes were involved in the creation of a special event: a live television show titled “The Lunch Break.”

The December 1 program featured the students on stage in the school’s video room. Some manned the mixing boards, monitors, cameras and microphones. Others took the stage for a wide variety of performances, ranging from humor-filled beatboxing, comedy skits and poetry, to tuneful musical renditions of songs by such artists as The Beatles, Neil Young, Amy Winehouse and Death Cab for Cutie.

“The ‘Lunch Break’ variety show was a great practical way for the students in the video production and broadcast television classes to design, create, produce and entertain their peers in a show that is unique to our school,” said their technology teacher, Jim Connell.

A special guest for the day was former video teacher Doug Hodges, who retired last year after a long and memorable career at East Islip High School. “It was such a pleasure to see Jim Connell welcome back his mentor, Doug Hodges, as Jim takes the reins of this exceptional program,” said Technology department director Israel Malinowitzer. “Many of these students have been a part of the video program for several years. They were taught by Doug Hodges and are now working beautifully with Jim Connell. This is an awesome program, and I expect it to continue to incorporate new technological developments that will give these students the opportunity to produce and direct many more feature films and live broadcasts. With video and broadcasting now being part of the technology department, many exciting connections will be made.”