Discussing Digital Citizenship at RCK


RCK joined educators all over the world in participating in Digital Citizenship Week in October, a schoolwide activity where all classes had a great discussion about positive usages of the internet and social media. Teachers facilitated the discussion as students offered their own ideas about how to be good digital citizens and make the right choices.

“This generation has grown up in a digital world and it is important for all to learn about how to leave a good digital footprint,” said Principal Hillary Bromberg. “Our students have been learning how to be good citizens and kind people for many years, and now it is important to transfer that knowledge to how we act on digital devices. Not only do we say ‘Think before you speak,’ we also say ‘Think before you click send.’” 

A Padlet wall was created to showcase ideas that the students and staff discussed. Padlet is a controlled digital board where people can post text, an image or video having to do with a topic. RCK’s students and staff were all able to see what the other classes posted on the Padlet wall, which can be viewed at: https://padlet.com/hillarybrom/DigCitRCK.