Elementary Students Salute Vets with Parades and Performances


John F. Kennedy and Ruth C. Kinney elementary schools held their annual Veterans Day celebrations on Nov. 10, with students inviting family and friends who have served their country to attend and be honored.

At RCK, a gallery walk of heroes was displayed on the cafeteria walls, which the students proudly showed the attending veterans. The entire school said the Pledge of Allegiance, led by members of the local Cub Scouts Troop 38, and remained standing for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Patriotic music filled the halls while every class lined up ready to cheer as students led their guests and paraded through the school.

“This has been a longstanding tradition that is heartwarming and cherished,” said RCK Principal Hillary Bromberg. “Smiles and tears of happiness were seen on our veterans’ faces.”

At JFK’s parade, fifth-graders lined the hallways, holding up patriotic drawings as the veterans and the students who invited them made their way to the school’s cafeteria. There, several orchestra and band students, the fifth-grade chorus, and selected fourth-grade students performed a selection of patriotic songs, while other students delivered a presentation of accolades for the veterans.

“Our young musicians demonstrated self-confidence and tremendous talent as they entertained the veterans who attended, and our presenters reminded all of us to acknowledge and thank those brave men and women who have served in the military,” said JFK Principal Deborah Smith. “It brought such a profound sense of community to all who attended, both the students who had invited veterans as guests, and the veterans themselves. This meaningful, authentic experience will surely be an important memory for the children.”