Connetquot Chords Live in NYC


On a crisp, clear morning in December, the Connetquot Chords performed at Radio City Music Hall. Directed by teacher Eileen Egbert, the acclaimed fifth-grade singing group dazzled an audience of thousands with their wonderfully expressive voices. In their red and white shirts, the Chords showed their true East Islip pride on one of the world’s most famous stages. 

The children's experiences were captured in the written assignments they were later required to compose as part of Connetquot's strong emphasis on literacy across the curriculum and implementation of Common Core Learning Standards. The students shared their memorable impressions of their day at Radio City in the following reflections:

“I will never forget my trip to Radio City Music Hall. I loved the Rockettes and the Christmas Spectacular. It was amazing how every Rockette kicked and moved at the same time.” (Alexandra Stewart)
“It was an awesome experience performing at Radio City. It was a memory I will never forget.” (Sayha Oztas)
“My experience at Radio City Music Hall was exhilarating. It was awesome when I met a Rockette. I met one that was dressed as a reindeer!” (Emily Mahoney) 
“I got up at five in the morning. I was so ecstatic. In the car I had the jitters from happiness. When we got there I was jumping joyfully. I felt like a star!” (Emily Kosiorowski)
“At first I was calm, but then when we went into Radio City Music Hall I was psyched to actually be in Radio City. It was an honor.” (Zion Esquilin-Ikeshita)
“I felt a little nervous going on stage, but when we sang I saw my family in the first row smiling at me. This is a trip I will never forget.” (Nikki Motto)
“After we sang, the Rockettes were getting ready and we met some of them. It was very exciting.” (Danielle Kaczynski)
“The trip to Radio City Music Hall was the best! I even saw the Tree.” (Lovely Lloyd)
“It was amazing! I loved the feeling of performing at Radio City Music Hall.” (Hunter Lyons)
“I don’t think I've ever performed in front of that many people.” (Nicholas Finger)
“I was very excited going on the stage. Then we sang, and I cleared my mind and just sang the words. I think we all did a great job.” (James Finger)
“Being at Radio City was one moment I will never forget – the bright lights, the big stage and the awesome Rockettes!” (Nia Kalodimos)
“When I stepped onto the giant stage I was fascinated. I thought in my head if it wasn’t for Mrs. Eggy I wouldn’t be on this stage. When I started to sing I felt so proud.” (Bridget Launonen)

The Chords next scheduled public appearance will be June 2, when they will sing the national anthem at a Long Island Ducks baseball game.