Softball Shoppers Bring ‘Magic’ to Homeless Kids


During this holiday season, members of the varsity softball team shopped for 12 Amityville children who currently live in homeless shelters. The softball players met at Target, where they received a "Dear Santa" list from coach Jason McGowan, and shopped until their Christmas list was filled. The event was sponsored by the Christmas Magic program.

“I loved shopping for my kid,” said senior Courtney Greene. “It’s a great feeling knowing that he woke up Christmas morning with a bunch of toys.”

“I had a great time shopping for my person and I hope she liked the clothes that I picked out for her,” said senior Jackie Carty.

“This annual event that we do as a team teaches my athletes not to take life for granted, and to appreciate how lucky they are to be in the situation that they are in,” said McGowan.