Police Smart Promotes Safety at Connetquot

The Suffolk County Police Department’s innovative and effective “Police Smart” program educates students about the importance of safety and making good decisions. Officer Kelly Smith recently visited Connetquot Elementary School in Islip Terrace, presenting the program to each classroom from kindergarten through fifth grade, tailored for each grade level.

In kindergarten and first grade, the students viewed a “Stranger Danger and Safety” presentation. Second-graders also saw “Stranger Danger and Safety” as well as a “Bullying” lesson. The third-grade session repeated “Bullying,” while fourth-graders had “Cyber Bullying.” The fifth-grade classes experienced three presentations –“Gateway Drugs,” “Cyber Bullying” and “Internet Safety” – before writing about their reaction to the program.

Connetquot fifth-grader Nick Finger enjoyed “Police Smart.” “I learned a lot of new facts about bullying and the harmful effects of drugs,” he said. “It prepared us for middle school and high school, and taught us to stay away from illegal substances.”