Alex Baier Has the Edge

Alex Baier is as sharp as the knives he sells. The formerly shy East Islip High School alumnus, now studying business at the University of Albany, used the personal and financial skills he picked up last year as CEO of the International Business Academy at East Islip to excel in sales presentations in the real world.

Baier’s talent for sales has come to the fore in his current part-time role as field sales manager at Cutco Cutlery, a leading direct-marketing purveyor of knives and kitchen accessories. His superlative sales quota figures – $7057 worth of knives in just nine days – earned him a free trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last year, and are projected to get him to Jamaica this year.

Baier is eager to finish his college prerequisites and delve further into business classes, and he has ambitious plans for his future. “I want to open my own business,” he says, “and be my own boss, or manage people for a company.”

His days in East Islip’s school system have also left him with a strong sense of duty to give back, aided at the moment by Cutco’s incentives to donate a percentage of commissions to charity via the Front Row Foundation. Naturally, Baier chose to support the Career Academy program. “Students here don’t forget their alma mater, and Alex is no exception,” said Israel Malinowitzer, East Islip’s director of careers and student services.