Sophomores Create “Lit.2Life”

Greg Kguloian, an English teacher for 16 years at East Islip High School, has found a way to bring the playwright's art to life for his students. The “Lit.2Life” project enabled sophomores to create and perform a play of their own, captured on camera by video program teacher Jim Connell in East Islip’s video studios.

As Kguloian notes, Lit.2Life is a real example of a student-centered, generated, and performed project, fitting into the school’s adherence to the Common Core State Standards for literacy. “We had learned about playwriting techniques from our research, reading and discussion of the works of Shakespeare,” he explained. “The pupils learned that a playwright is the one who ‘creates or crafts’ a play.” The script for Lit.2Life was chosen from several plays written as group efforts by the students themselves. Those who participated in the acting and filming of the video were volunteers from each of Kguloian’s three 10th-grade English classes, earning extra credit for working on the project after school.      
“It’s clear that Lit.2Life was a success, as the kids have all been talking about it for days now,” said Kguloian. “I love it when a plan comes together.”