Drum Clinic at Timber Point

First-graders at Timber Point Elementary School were treated to a demonstration by professional drummer Alfred J. Woods on Jan. 23.

A veteran musician, Woods has a longstanding musical relationship with Timber Point teacher Patricia DeRosa-Padden, whose father was Woods’ music teacher in junior high school. They continued to make music together after she joined her father’s band after high school.

The recently retired drummer offered to play for the Timber Point chorus’ winter concert, and the school’s first-graders showed particular interest in his playing. The students went back to class tapping their pencils, and the idea of the drum clinic was developed.

In the classroom, Woods demonstrated playing techniques, performed various types of music with DeRosa-Padden and allowed the mesmerized students to come up and try his drum set. “A wonderful day was had by all,” said DeRosa-Padden.