Hibernation Celebration at RCK

The entire first grade at Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School held a “Hibernation Celebration” on Jan. 27. Each pajama-clad student picked a different animal that hibernates and shared information with the class about how their chosen animal hibernates.

Special snacks were also eaten, such as goldfish to represent fish, fruit snacks to represent berries, and pretzel sticks to represent sticks. “These are all foods that animals collect before hibernating,” explained teacher Kara Parker. “The snacks we were munching were a mixture of foods that a hibernating animal would eat,” added fellow first-grade teacher Jennifer Breen. “For example, for roots we had carrots, for leaves we had lettuce, and for worms we had spaghetti.”

Parker came up with the idea for the hibernation celebration several years ago as a way to demonstrate what animals do in wintertime. The book “Hibernation Station” by Michelle Meadows is read in each class, to show animal patterns over the winter. The students also enjoyed Breen’s reading of “Sleep, Big Bear! Sleep!” by Maureen Wright.