Timber Point Makes Green Switch to Reusable Water Bottles

As part of Timber Point Elementary School’s continuing “Going Green” project, spearheaded by teacher Jen Giordano’s “Recyclinators” eco-class, over 750 reusable water bottles were given out to students and staff.

Earlier this year, Giordano’s Recyclinators collected and recycled over 24,000 water bottles at Timber Point, a staggering number that convinced her students that a problem existed: too many people were relying on bottled water. The class then held a taste test, with 200 students from different grades participating. When offered tastes of refrigerated bottled water and refrigerated tap water, 48% of the kids actually preferred the taste of the tap water. Additionally, the Recyclinators worked with Suffolk County Water Authority to test Timber Point's water, and discovered that not only was the school's water quality as good as bottled water, in some cases it was better due to lower amounts of chlorine.

These findings spurred Giordano’s class to try and effect a change. “We went on a mission to make sure that everyone – students and staff – at Timber Point had a reusable water bottle,” said Giordano. The class reached out to a few companies regarding volume discounts, and one of the firms, Inspire Green, decided to donate 750 eco-friendly water bottles to the school, each with a built-in filter. Timber Point only had to pay for shipping. “IG donated the bottles because they were very happy to see a group of children moved to help protect our planet,” explained Giordano.
Timber Point’s students, from kindergarten to fifth grade, and faculty received a reusable, filtered water bottle in exchange for signing a pledge card promising to Go Green whenever they could. Dedicated parent volunteers helped pass out the huge volume of water bottles, ensuring the giveaway went off without a hitch.

Inspire Green Inc.