Creative Collaborating in RCK’s Makerspace


RCK recently created a makerspace in the building for classes to visit during the school day. According to Principal Hillary K. Bromberg, the space is used in various ways, affording students the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates in problem solving for a solution to a challenge involving science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Parents and community members have helped to increase the supplies in the makerspace by donating everyday reusable materials like paper towel rolls, string, yarn, tape and paper cups.

Some of the challenges that the students have participated in include designing a realistic spider web only using dental floss, a piece of paper, and a scissor; building a straw structure that could support a tennis ball above the table for 15 seconds or more; and planning the most efficient way to build the longest paper chain in a certain amount of time.

“It’s absolutely amazing what these students are able to create when given the opportunity to explore, problem solve, collaborate and create,” said Bromberg.