Cornell Bound

Three of East Islip High School’s outstanding seniors have been accepted to Cornell University. Kendall Grant, Emma Hallowell and Athena Shea all have different stories to tell, all leading to the same place: the storied Ivy League university in Ithaca, N.Y, founded in 1865.

“I instantly fell in love with Cornell when visiting,” said Kendall Grant, who said she always had the school on her college radar. She intends to major in industrial and labor relations, focusing on economics from a political and workplace standpoint in hopes of going to law school. “I worked in housekeeping with immigrants all summer,” she said. “That sparked my interest in labor studies and workplace communication.” Ranked fourth among her class, Grant summed up her senior year so far as “relaxed and enjoyable.”

Athena Shea’s admiration for Cornell University goes back even farther, to her childhood. “I was eight or nine the first time I visited Cornell,” she explained. “I loved the large university with the population of a small city, and the old architecture instantly made me feel like I was at home.” Shea has plans for either a double major in biology and chemistry or a major in biochemistry, plus a minor in psychology, all with pre-med intentions. “Until the time arrives when I leave for Cornell,” said fifth-ranked Shea, “I will be spending my senior year enjoying the rest of my high school career.”

“I chose to go to Cornell University because it is the place where I can reach my full potential,” said Emma Hallowell, whose goal is to become a large-animal veterinarian. “Cornell is the best place for that,” she added, noting the university’s top-notch veterinary classes and facilities. Hallowell, ranked eleventh in her graduating class, attributes much of her successful career planning to the atmosphere at East Islip. “The high school helped me reach another step in my dream of working with animals,” she explained. “The teachers at East Islip led me to do my best in class, while having fun.” She also cites the music and athletics programs for personal growth. “Sports and music are the things I will remember most. Music has been a great way to have an important voice even when you’re quiet, and going out every day to join a team on the court or track has really made me feel a part of something.”