Scaling Up With the High School’s CAD Students


High school students in Hal Kench’s advanced computer-aided design course recently completed their major unit project, a scale model home.

Seniors Hunter Engrassia and Joseph Mignone and junior Kiernan Stanton had completed the college-level introduction to CAD during the 2015-2016 school year, and decided to continue on with the subject at an advanced level. The three students started with a complex set of blueprints, and though diligent teamwork, complex math equations and precise measurements, brought the house to life.

“I’m really proud of this group,” said Kench. “They’ve come up through the CAD ranks together, and really did a fantastic job on this project.”

Like all other programs in East Islip’s technology department, advanced CAD is offered at the college level, and students who successfully complete the rigorous syllabus can earn three college credits from Suffolk County Community College.

“Our partnership with SCCC in the Excelsior program is a great way for our students to get a feel for college-level courses, and earn transferable credit at a fraction of the cost,” said Kench.

Engrassia is taking her engineering aspirations a step further by shadowing a local architect as part of the school’s Mentor Me program.