Exciting Science Fairs at JFK and RCK


Fourth-graders’ research skills were showcased at annual science fairs by JFK and RCK, both held on March 2 in front of proud families, friends and school staff.

The projects presented were based on experiments the students conducted using the scientific method, including determining a question, developing a hypothesis, indicating the procedures that were followed, listing the utilized materials, recording the trials and investigations that were completed, analyzing the results, and finally drawing a conclusion. 

For JFK, the winner was Jesse Hodge for his project that examined bacteria in dog saliva, “Can a Lick Save a Life?” Other students recognized were first runner-up Abigail Lemke (“Beach Erosion”), second runner-up Gianna Trager (“Magnets”) and third runner-up Drew McCarthy (“Soil Erosion”).

At RCK, Lilyana Graney earned first place for her project “A Bird’s Color Feast,” which tested whether birds have color preferences for their bird feeders. Michael Stadelman came in second (“Emergency? Which Color LED Light Is Brightest?”), while Frank Muscarello finished third (“Paw Preference”).

Hodge (representing JFK) and Graney (representing RCK) will move on to compete at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair on May 6.

“It was an exciting night of learning for all who participated and attended and there were many wonderful and educational entries,” said JFK Principal Deborah Smith. “My congratulations to the students – everyone learned a great deal about science from their hard work.”