Earth Day Walk Sustains JFK's Environmental Spirit


Students, staff and parents of the JFK school community celebrated Earth Day on April 21 with a walk around the grounds of the school, where solar panels will soon be installed to provide clean energy for the school. Students held banners in recognition of the day’s importance.

“As a school, we took time to remember how fortunate we all are to be living on planet Earth, which sustains our lives,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “The purpose of our walk was to encourage everyone to stop and think of ways we can protect our environment. In honoring the day, we hope that we can empower others to be responsible global citizens who respect the world we live on. The time we spent outside was to encourage understanding of environmental consciousness and remind our students that it is their obligation to foster an appreciation for our planet and conserve it. It was a wonderful day to be outside and celebrate nature.”

Fifth-graders at the school had participated in a poetry contest in recognition of April as Poetry Awareness Month. For the Earth Day celebration, the contest winners recited their poems to inspire their audience to take action to save the planet. The young poets included George Arena with “Happy Earth Day,” Allison Bradley with “Early Morning,” Stefano Carcone with “Happy Earth Day,” Shannon O’Rourke with “Thankful,” Lindsey Roses with “The ABC’s of Earth Day,” Aidan Sanders with “Blue” and Luke Tese with “Thoughts of Two Men.”

At the conclusion of the walk, the entire student body of 468 students, under the direction of music teacher Jim Santoro, performed a rap song to encourage environmental consciousness. 

Superintendent John V. Dolan attended the walk and told the students, “Make good choices, because every decision affects one’s future.”