Broadcaster Wins Big at Hofstra


The hardworking staff of the high school’s The Broadcaster student newspaper proudly took home 23 awards from the Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards ceremony, hosted at Hofstra University on May 30.

The night started off with an introduction by Beverly Fortune, the chief operating officer of Morey Publishing. Following Fortune’s speech were opening remarks by Josh Schnepps, a publisher for the Long Island Press, and his mother Victoria Schnepps, the program’s founder, and a keynote address delivered by Evan Cornog, dean of Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

Following these inspiring speeches, Long Island Press high school program coordinator David North presented the event’s awards to their respective winners, with prizes given in 106 different categories.

The night was a success for both the Broadcaster staff and individual members. The Broadcaster itself earned an honorable mention for Newspaper of the Year, won second place in both the Layout-Section category, for its sports section, and in the Layout-Issue category, for the paper’s February 2017 issue.

Senior Sarah Hillman took home the first award of the night, winning third place in the Arts Review-Book Review category for her critique “Flaming Over Firestarter.” Junior Cierra Colon was next to receive an award, taking first place in the Arts Review- Local Music category for her article “Meet Long Island’s Newest Knockout Band: Nexus.” Carla Garavito, another senior, won third place in the Arts and Entertainment category for her recap of the Oscars in “A Wrong Winner Overshadows the Oscars.” Junior Kerri Kolensky received second place for her article “Finding Emily and Finding Myself” in the Aura Diaz Award for First Person Perspectives. Emily Glennon, senior and editor in chief, took third place in the next category, Business, for her article “EI Alumni Creates Self-Made Business.” Fellow senior Julia Piazza and Garavito both received second and third place awards in the category of Fashion Feature for their articles “Students and Teachers Strut Their Stuff at EI Fashion Show” and “Straight off the Streets: The Best Looks from Around the World,” respectively. Junior Scott Long earned second place in the Q&A-School-Related category for his questionnaire, “What Keeps Athletes Motivated?” Junior Sarah Bloom and seniors Defne Duyku and Taylor Kozak received second place in the Photo Essay category for their work on The Broadcaster’s November issue centerfold, depicting photo highlights from the school’s homecoming.            

For three of The Broadcaster’s staff members, the night was especially successful. Sophomore Victoria Keenan and seniors Michael Dondero and Kozak walked away with four awards each in a wide variety of categories. Keenan garnered first place in both the Arts Review-Film and Opinion-Pop Culture categories for her articles “A New Adventure on the Great Wide Movie Screen: A Beauty and the Beast Review” and “It’s a Tale Keeping Up With New Times.” She also received second place in the ceremony’s Storytelling category, giving readers a glimpse of her summer adventures in “Ithaca College Makes the Summer of a Lifetime,” and a third-place nod for her piece “The Heart Behind Organ Donations” in the Short Feature category.

Dondero’s artistic abilities took him far, earning a first-place award in the Cartoon-Political category for his work accompanying the article “Are Fur Coats Worth the Lives of Our Furry Friends?” He also earned second place in the Illustration category and third place in the Cartoon and Cartoon-Entertainment categories.

Kozak’s creativity also led to her success throughout the evening. Her winning advice earned her a third-place spot in the Column-School category for “Committing to a College? Here’s What You Need to Know.” Her creative use of the high school faculty also earned her second place in the Q&A category for her Roving Reporter question for November’s issue, “What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?” Kozak achieved two awards in the Photo Essay category, with her photography for both homecoming and the school’s SADD Fashion Show winning her second and third place awards.      

“With over 2,000 submissions, student journalists from all over Long Island and our high school alike demonstrated that a collective passion for truth, writing and sharing knowledge with the world can truly bring about the most honest nature of society,” said Keenan.