Giraffe Calf Spurs Middle School Library Contest


The middle school’s library held a contest to guess the gender and weight of April the giraffe’s newborn calf. The Animal Adventure Park near upstate Binghamton had been holding a contest to name April’s baby. On April 15, April delivered a healthy calf named Oliver, weighing 129 lbs.

There were three winners in the contest: AJ LaMacchia guessed 143 pounds earning third place, Kayla Sciallo guessed 117 pounds, for second, and Rayanne Abdelbaky won first place with a guess of 120 pounds. Each student won a prize of a a giraffe clip and Rita’s Ices gift certificate.

“We had been waiting and watching April’s progress daily in the library, along with more than 1 million people at the end of a long and virally popular pregnancy,” said librarian Valerie Ware Comneck. “We learned a lot about giraffes and the fact that there are only approximately 600 West African giraffes left.”