Ennis Proves a Dedicated Mechanic


Recent high school graduate Connor Ennis is well on his way to becoming a master mechanic, utilizing the school’s rigorous technology classes to springboard his skills and passion for repairs.

A member of East Islip’s Class of 2017, Ennis began enrolling in technology classes as soon as he entered 10th grade, the first year that students can begin these classes. During the next three years, he took every tech class taught by teacher Chad Spruyt, including basic and advanced wood shop and metal shop as well as basic automotive, where he fell in love with working with small engines. He then enrolled in advanced automotive, and began using more advanced machines as well as working on bigger motors such as go-karts, minibikes, and trikes. He rebuilt, sanded and painted an old Mercedes; made tire and oil changes; lifted a Jeep three inches; and was even called on to make machine spacers for the district’s buildings and grounds department.

“Connor found his passion and it was the ability to work with his hands, and fix and rebuild things that no longer operated,” said Israel Malinowitzer, East Islip’s technology director. “Connor was so good that Mr. Spruyt began teaching him how to work on cars and boats and how to be able to determine what was wrong with them so that problems could quickly be fixed. He spent every free moment this year in the automotive shop, visiting during his free periods and lunchtime, and staying after school to work on his projects. He has the knowledge and the skills needed to operate these machines, which will help him to move forward and be able to work for a large automotive company or even open his own repair shop in town.”

Ennis plans on attending BOCES this fall in order to expand his knowledge and to become certified in welding and mechanical applications.

“We are very proud of this young man’s dedication and commitment to this career field and we know he will be very successful,” said Malinowitzer.