Freshmen Get Acclimated at Orientation


The high school welcomed new freshmen for an orientation session on Aug. 30.

After Principal William Brennen greeted the incoming ninth-graders and introduced his fellow administrators, he asked all the students to stand up in the school’s auditorium and repeat the district’s “Manners Matter” rules. Assistant Principal Christian Seifert the discussed the school code of conduct, and counselors explained their roles. The students had a chance to meet their counselors, take a tour of the building, walk to their lockers and begin decorating them. 

“I am very excited to see how this ninth-grade class acclimates to their new high school environment,” said Israel Malinowitzer, director of careers and student services. “I am very confident that they will work hard, participate in many afterschool activities and show their EI Pride throughout the next four years. We are delighted to have them and look forward to watching them graduate as the Class of 2021.”