High School Goes Green with Water Fountain Gift

High school students need to drink a lot of water during the day, but with today’s growing awareness of environmental issues, using less disposable water bottles is a must.

East Islip High School teacher Paul McHugh, advisor for the school’s Environment Club, conducted research with his students and began to focus on the Elkay Water Fountain system, which allows students to place their empty water bottles underneath and refill them with purified water. They thought it might be a great way to limit the number of plastic water bottles that are brought to school each day.

Enter Jonathan Ross, a representative for the Dellon Sales Company, an Albertson, N.Y. business that is the main distributor of the Elkay system. Ross arranged for the delivery of one of the Elkay systems at a reduced price. District plant and facilities administrator Robert Tartaglia and custodian John Rotzman arranged for East Islip’s in-house plumber Mario Cardillo to hook up the Elkay Water Fountain, and the very next day, students were lined up to fill their empty water bottles. “The system has been a great addition to our building and has reduced the number of water bottles used by close to 60,000 bottles,” said Director of Careers and Student Services Israel Malinowitzer. “Not too bad for just one water fountain in the building!”

East Islip High School’s goal is to purchase three more Elkay Water Fountain systems, projected to save over 200,000 bottles per year.

“Jonathan Ross and the CEO of Dellon Sales Company have been extremely supportive of our mission and have delivered several water filters as a gift to the high school,” explained Malinowitzer. “These filters cost on average about $80 each, but they are necessary in order to provide our students with purified filtered water at all times.”

Ross has since invited students from East Islip’s Environment Green Career Academy to visit his manufacturing facility located in Roslyn, an excellent opportunity for the students to experience how local companies are taking part in the Green Movement. Malinowitzer also invited Dellon Sales Company to be a member of East Islip’s School-Business Partnership and to advise the Career Academy. He said, “I know that Jonathan Ross and his supervisor will be a great asset to the East Islip Career Academy program, and we look forward to partnering with them as we move forward.”