Young Scientists of Connetquot

At Connetquot Elementary School’s Science Fair, held on March 12, students from kindergarten through fifth grade had the opportunity to share their work with the community, displaying experiments they had conducted over the course of several months. The projects that were submitted all had to follow the scientific method, including purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results and conclusion.  

“The Science Fair was a huge success,” said Connetquot teacher Linda Kunsch, the advisor for the event. “The students obviously worked hard and came up with many unique ideas. It was an exciting night to observe all of the experiments.”

The winning experiments, one for each grade, were “Crystal Magic” by first-grader Daniella Chillemi, “The Effects of Fingerprint Similarity Between Family Members and Non-Family Members” by second-graders Sarah Parker and Alyssa Penny, “Which Size Dissolves Faster?” by third-grader Juliana Chillemi, “Wood vs. Metal Bats” by fourth-grader Christopher Zanone and “What Additives Prolong the Lives of Cut Roses?” by fifth-grader Emily Vazquez.

Those six winners will go on to compete in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Elementary School Science Fair on May 5. Over 470 projects created by approximately 500 students will be entered in this prestigious contest, to be judged by elementary school teachers and Brookhaven’s scientists.

“It was thrilling to see that Connetquot has so many students interested in learning about science,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “Taking the time to work on an experiment, gather data, analyze the findings and present the projects – this demonstrates students’ desire to learn. We are so proud of the young scientists who participated and gained a great deal of knowledge by displaying their experiments.”