Grim Reaper Day at East Islip High

As part of their year-long substance abuse awareness campaign, East Islip High School’s hardworking SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) students staged the annual Grim Reaper Day on March 30, organized by SADD advisor Bridget Lopiccolo.

Every 25 minutes throughout the school day, a gong would sound and a student dressed as the Grim Reaper would select and “strike” a student to denote that one person every 25 minutes is killed in an alcohol-related accident. The students selected as the “victims” donned black T-shirts and were instructed to remain silent for the remainder of the day in order to signify that a life has been impaired or lost due to a destructive decision.  

Appreciative of the support she and the program received from the entire high school, Lopiccolo gave special kudos to those who stopped their assigned lessons to participate and strengthen the SADD club’s message of “Think Before You Drink.”  

“For the past eight years as the SADD advisor, it has been my grim task to hold this day each year,” said Lopiccolo. “I know it is a difficult day for many, but it is extremely important that students know that there is a consequence with each decision they make.”