Students Put Lord of the Flies on Trial in Lit.2Life 2

The overarching objective of English teacher Greg Kguloian’s second student-centered Lit.2Life project, also known as Lit.2Law, was to allow East Islip High School students to make a cross-curriculum connection with the social studies department via Mock Trial teacher and coach Patricia Lester, fulfilling the goals of the Common Core State Standards for literacy.

For Lit.2Life 2, the 10th-graders in Kguloian’s classes completed a close reading of the classic 1954 William Golding novel “Lord of the Flies,” culminating in a classroom mock trial of the power-hungry character Jack Merridew.

“My ambition is to make more symbiotic lessons to put both halves of the humanities department together so our kids can see the greater whole,” Kguloian explained. “Whereas the last Lit.2Life project used our pupils’ imaginations to change the ending to a given novel and then create their own screenplay out of the given story, this one took the story from its actual conclusion and then put the character of Jack on trial for the murders of characters Simon and Piggy, as well as the attempted murder of the character Ralph. Both sides were charged with taking ‘evidence’ from the novel to make their cases to present in our classroom court, to prosecute or defend. As the teacher of this lesson, I acted as the judge to hear both sides plead their cases and then render my verdict, based on the strongest and most convincing argument.”