Rockin’ Robots at the High School


High school students in the technology education robotics class recently used their newly designed robots in a live Swept Away game competition in the school library in front of an audience of administrators and fellow students. Superintendent John Dolan, Principal William Brennan, Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer were among the administrators who also joined in on the robotics fun.

The school’s VEX-supplied robotics program used the basics of engineering, robotics and design to prepare for this fun and challenging competition. Guided by technology teacher James Connell, students learned to solve engineering problems as well as key STEM principles within a flexible curriculum.

In the culminating game of Swept Away, matches were played on an 8 x 8 square field with a dividing wall down the center. A robot was placed on each side of the field along with 12 foam soccer balls and six foam footballs, with the object of the game being to get as many balls onto the opponent’s side of the field as possible during a two-minute match. Adding to the excitement were live student emcees.